With The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure, Six Point Harness continues building on a creative slate of projects that include a lauded sequence for Amazon Prime’s The Boys; animated segments and character work for Netflix’s Waffles + Mochi; and the hourlong animated standup HBO Max special Tig Notaro: Drawn. In addition, the studio’s credits include animated campaigns for New Balance and Mattel’s Hot Wheels, animation for the Oscar-winning short Hair Love, Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf, and Amazon’s Guava Island.
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Six Point Harness has shared a trailer for the upcoming 2D animated feature The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure produced for indoor waterpark and resort company Great Wolf Resorts and its recently launched entertainment umbrella, Great Wolf Entertainment. Helmed by animation director Chris Bailey, the film debuts on September 3 in all 19 Great Wolf Lodge resort locations across North America. It will also be available on Great Wolf Entertainment’s new YouTube channel for a limited time. Resort guests will also be able to view in-room.
The movie tells the story of five unlikely woodland friends who form an unbreakable Pack while venturing out on adventures to help others in need. Starring the resort’s signature characters, Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf, Oliver Raccoon, Sammy Squirrel, and Brinley Bear, the furry friends have been updated with a new hand-drawn look and angular style for their big screen debut. Their adventures will continue in upcoming more animated shorts, books, and immersive entertainment offerings at Great Wolf Lodge’s indoor water park resorts.
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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.
“The Great Wolf Lodge are wonderful family resorts, with a popular cast of diverse animal characters,” noted Bailey (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Kim Possible, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem 3D). “It’s an exciting challenge to give the Great Wolf Pack a new look for animation and create a rich world for them to explore. Our entire team was awesome as we worked together to create these films that will add to the Great Wolf Lodge experience.”
Julia Pistor (The Rugrats film franchise, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie) and Kent Redeker (Doc McStuffins, Spirit Ranger) serve as executive producers. Bailey led a team of animators at L.A-based Six Point Harness in developing and producing The Great Wolf Pack: A Call to Adventure.

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