While the reports of layoffs are accurate, we are happy to report that the project hasn’t been cancelled. A Warner Bros. Animation executive, speaking on background to Cartoon Brew, says that the project is, in fact, “very much alive.”
So why were some crew laid off? According to the studio, the producers are so happy with the songs that are being written by Grammy/Tony/Pulitzer Prize-winning musician Tom Kitt (Next to Normal, Spongebob Squarepants) that they’ve decided to turn the film into a full-fledged musical.
Because of the change in approach, production has been paused while additional songs are written and the core creative team reworks the concept for the new expanded musical format.
Bye Bye Bunny still isn’t a done deal; a network or streamer still needs to buy this unique re-imagining of the Looney Tunes gang. Warner Bros. plans to hold meetings with networks and streamers when the new version of the project is deemed ready to pitch.
EXCLUSIVE – News spread quickly across social media on Friday that Warner Bros. Discovery had laid off some staff on its upcoming Looney Tunes feature Bye Bye Bunny, which led to inaccurate speculation that the project had been canned.

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