According to the artist, in the first episode, he is moments away from shocking the world once again as he readies himself to skydive out of a plane. But, knowing that it’s too late to back out and still hesitant to jump, he starts to see strange visions that make him question what is real and what isn’t.
In adding “OVA” (Original Video Animation) to the name of the series, A-Wall sought to provide context and build on the lore behind the main story. He notes, “I feel like Autopilot: OVA is an extension of the main project, so it made sense to keep the name the same.”
Watch Autopilot OVA: Episode 1 “Touchdown”
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With each episode of Autopilot: OVA, A-Wall aims to drive home the stories and share the emotions infused in his music, such as the pressure he felt during his viral success at what he refers to as “a strange time in my life.”
Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.
Source: A-Wall
A-Wall’s newest album comes on the heels of last year’s release and TikTok success of his single “Loverboy,” an exploration of his personal experiences with self-doubt, addiction, and anxiety through electronic beats, vocals, and unreserved lyrics.

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Dallas Latinx artist A-Wall’s new album Autopilot, launched last month, is now a five-episode 2DCG animated series, Autopilot: OVA, which details the artist’s experiences leading up to its release. The project, inspired by classic anime shows such as Akira and Cowboy Bebop, was created in collaboration with animator Alejo Andres; the first episode is now streaming on A-Wall’s YouTube channel (or watch it below) – additional episodes drop weekly.  

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