Nokia “Power of n” Rebrand Launch Film by RedStrings

Nokia-Power-of-n-Rebrand-Film-RedStrings | STASH MAGAZINE
Representative Agency: Bernstein & Andruili
Nokia-Power-of-n-Rebrand-Film-RedStrings | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Nokia
RedStrings EP Liza Uys: “We wanted our scenes to build in a way that expresses amplification, which meant that we would have many small parts that grow from the previous part, eventually amplifying into a large complex ecosystem.
Production: RedStrings Productions
EP: Liza Uys
ECD: Candice Wainwright
Production Management: Reinette Du Toit, Christelle Wiese
CGI Supervisor: Adrian Berghof, Peter Hoehsl, Arri Renscke
CGI Animator: Harold Courchay, Rob Pita, Arri Renscke & Lung Animation, Simon Fiedler, Dennis Tiege, Bastian J Schiffer, Janique Viljoen
Pitch Storyboard: Nicolas Rix
Edit/Final Grade: Candice Wainwright
Commissioned by Ogilvy London to create the content for Nokia’s rebranding launch, RedStrings Productions in Cape Town, South Africa, constructs a “vast world of exponential growth and amplification.”
Agency: Ogilvy London
“Along the way we feature close-ups, so each part needed to have intricate photorealistic detail which is evident when seen from close. This required very robust software which could hold up so many detailed elements, all animating in one long scene.
Nokia-Power-of-n-Rebrand-Film-RedStrings | STASH MAGAZINE
Music/Sound design: Matthew Dickinson
Voice Over: Natasha Loring
Voice Agency: APM
Recording Agency: WeLoveJam
“We used RedShift as rendering software to get the best lighting and the specific stylized, hyper-real look of the film. The final compositing and grading touches were key to ensuring the overall look, many colors, and elements tie in together beautifully.”
Nokia-Power-of-n-Rebrand-Film-RedStrings | STASH MAGAZINE
“Houdini was the obvious choice as it follows a procedural process whereby you can multiply many elements at a time and you have great control over how the elements interact and interrelate with each other even within a heavy scene.
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2023