“However, as the main idea behind AI21Labs is to create AI tools for the benefit of humankind and not tools that make the human element unneeded, my first suggestion was that making a machine come to life will create the opposite impression.
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Director: Kobi Vogman
Producer: Omer Ben-David
Cinematographer: Omri Barzilai
Editor: Aviv Cohen
Art Director: Liran Koren
Lead Animator: Liron Narunsky
Concept Artist/Character Designer: Tom Apfel
Puppet Maker: Moria Koren
Art Assistants: Liron Narunsky, Shany Dahan
Motion Designer: Ran Daskal, Gur Margalit
Compositor: Ofeq Shemer
Color Grading: Kobi Vogman
Production Assistant: Alon Avidar
Runner: Ofer Holan

Watch the time-lapse BTS:
“The challenge was time. We had a tight deadline of seven weeks to produce everything from scratch, the script, character and set design, storyboards, etc. By working around the clock and building a precise 3D animatic that demos the lighting, acting, and camera movements, we finished right on time.”
Sound Designer: Noam Ofir
Sound Recording: Lenny Cohen
VO: Damon Webb
Cat Voices: Liron Narunsky
Kobi Vogman Wordtune Spices Stop Motion | STASH MAGAZINE
Kobi Vogman Wordtune Spices Stop Motion | STASH MAGAZINE
“So we had to think about a different approach. As the primary users of Wordtune are academics and professionals, we developed a concept using a human-like animal and a writer’s most common problem, writer’s block. We tried different animals, and the one that worked best was a cat – a sophisticated animal, but most of all, cats are super cute!
Kobi Vogman Wordtune Spices Stop Motion | STASH MAGAZINE
[embedded content]
Director Kobi Vogman in Israel: “When the client first approached me to direct a product video for Wordtune, they wanted the main character to be an old analog typewriter, and they also wanted to make an ‘adorable’ video.”
Watch the 3D animatic:
Posted on Friday, January 20, 2023

Kobi Vogman Wordtune Spices Stop Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

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