In what it heralds as the “future of children’s entertainment,” Genius Brands announced today that it would launch an AI-generated children’s series next month, among the first of its kind from a large animation producer.
Here’s what we know about the show:

  • The series, Kidaverse Fast Facts, is aimed at children 4-11 years old, and is comprised of shorts hosted by History Henry, Science Sally, and Sporty Steve, who will offer lessons on topics including science, history, music, and literature.
  • The series will utilize OpenAI’s ChatGPT for its scripts. Genius Brands also says that AI will be used for images, voices, and animation, but did not provide additional details on what technology is being used for those elements.
  • The company anticipates using AI in its future projects, according to Todd Steinman, president of Genius Networks: “AI is a game changer for us, providing significant cost efficiencies and speed to market, allowing us to expand our content initiatives and fuel our programming pipeline in a way that couldn’t have been possible before.”
  • Kidaverse Fast Facts will premiere in March on Genius Networks’ YouTube and social channels, and then broaden its footprint under both Kartoon Channel! and Ameba across SVOD, AVOD, and free ad-supported streaming tv (“FAST”) channels.

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