“After working for many years in various fields of 3D/CG, we wanted to pivot a bit and exercise our storytelling and filmmaking skills. But we were facing the issue that doing a CG cinematic requires so many resources and a whole team of VFX artists to pull it together. Until Unreal Engine 5 came into play.
Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2023
Superman Awakens Unreal Engine fan Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

“From what we’d seen, UE5 looked fantastic and we wanted to create a project to familiarize ourselves with it. So we decided to turn back to our roots and do a fan film for a favorite character of ours, based on the artwork of the legendary Alex Ross, and the Kingdom Come universe.

Superman Awakens Unreal Engine fan Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
“Unreal Engine at its core is a game engine you can use in your filmmaking process, but most of the time you have to treat it like you are making a game. Making this change was something unusual for us but also something that we got used it very quickly.
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Music Composer: Thanos Papadellis
Sound Design: Miltos Pilalitos
Music Editor: George Soulas
Recording and Mixing: The Sound Garden
Voice Over Script: John Finnegan
Voice Actor: Daniel Zbel
Vocals: Anna Tarba
Superman Awakens Unreal Engine fan Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
Production: Floating House
Writer/Director: Antonis Fylladitis
Design/Assets/Coordination: Stavros Fylladitis
Animation/MoCap Clean up: Constantinos Sophocleous
Cape Simulation: Agustin Schilling
“We wanted to capture the essence of the character and his universe in a way that resonates with fans and also pays homage to the classic roots of the character.”
Brothers Antonis and Stavros Fylladitis take a break from their studio’s VFX work (on ads, games, features, and TV series) for a passion project involving a certain childhood hero and a real-time production pipeline.
Superman Awakens Unreal Engine fan Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
Antonis and Stavros Fylladitis: “One of the reasons we got into the VFX industry was our love of films. Growing up we were big fans of comic books, video games, 80s and 90s action films, and anything that has to do with storytelling.

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