The resulting, visually diverse film reflects each artist’s visual language, from 3DCG to 2D traditional cell animation. Final Frontier partnered with Antfood to create sound designs to enhance the campaign’s message.“The film reflects on the creative process and how it works for us, from the genesis of a raw stone as an idea and its multiple possibilities and potentialities to the final and bold idea,” explained Karam. “Then the process begins: we start ‘touching’ the ideas, putting them to the test, rejecting them, reshaping them, and eventually becoming intertwined with them; we change alongside the ideas. After that comes the more interesting part – experimentation – which, in our case, always happens collectively, as a team with different visions, backgrounds, and perspectives. The concept of the film it’s also a very good visual and sensory metaphor for how our creative process unfolds: a polished diamond that emerges from the raw stone.”

Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.
Source: Final Frontier

Forever Bold film is described as “a metaphor for the creative process, beginning with the initial spark of an idea when one is unsure of what to create but catches a glimpse of something intriguing. It starts with the genesis of an idea, still raw and uncertain. Notably, in the opening scene, there is no manipulation of the idea; there is only a fleeting glimpse of its essence and the potential possibilities it holds.”
Award-winning animation production company, Final Frontier, has shared its work developing the Forever Bold branding campaign for the 2024 CLIO Awards, starting with its in-house concept, which was developed and executed under the vision of co-founder and creative director Ralph Karam. Known for curating films and campaigns with multiple styles, the production company tapped an impressive mix of global talent including Pablo Alfieri-Chroma Bureau; Andrea Devia-Nuño; Yukai Du; Juan Behrens; Lobster; Bernardo Henning; Daniel Semanas; Verso Studio; and Dirty Work to capture “the festival boldness with a loud message, rich designs, and fearless animation to speak volumes.”

Developed by creative directors Claus Cibils, Dauquen Chabeldin, and Diego Rojas, Forever Bold is intended as a statement and commitment to the ideas, creators, and the industry.

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