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A selection of the best animation articles including news, opinions, and features from around the world for the week beginning the 12th of April, 2020.
COVID-19 continues to devastate the festival scene and although many jumped into the virtual online space, the industry loses the personal social interaction and social greasing that occurs at such events. The latest casualty is Annecy, which announced that some programs intended for this year, will be pushed to 2021, but the festival itself will plough on in virtual form. Further details to be announced this week.
A Goofy Movie is 25 years old this year, leaving many of us who saw it as part of the target demographic awfully sad and confused at where those two and half decades disappeared to. For a film that seemed to be the biggest thing going in the life of a ten year old, it’s surprising to learn that it is was culturally more of a sleeper hit. Even more surprising to learn was that the series the film was based on, Goof Troop, was animated by multiple studios with a couple of episodes even produced in Japan.


Do yourself a favour though, and check out the awesome details!
Looking for some animation-related reading while stuck at home? Jerry Beck has a list of books for you.
Yet again, news articles were pretty light this week, but that didn’t stop one bombshell leaking out. Disney’s orgy of live-action remakes continues with Robin Hood the latest to be blessed (or cursed). Details are light, but this will be a ‘realistic’ CGI endeavour much like the recent Lion King and featuring anthropomorphic animals.
Speaking of Japan, translation is about more than just words. Phrases, meanings, and culture all have to re re-interpreted and that is much more an involved process than you might think. As an example, see how one song from Laputa: Castle in the Sky is translated and why it’s impossible to translate the chorus into English exactly as it is written in Japanese.

Have you ever seen the PBS series Arthur? If not, you’re missing out on perhaps one of the most solidly performing animated series of all-time. Although produced for kids, it’s known for subtle and not-so-subtle references to more mature animated fare.
In stark contrast, [Adult Swim] is finding some of their animated talent from YouTube.

Cool Thing of the Week

Another week in lockdown and hoping that everyone is staying healthy and optimistic that we will get through this together even though we are currently separated.

Actually from last week, but I forgot to post it and it’s still cool this week.

Social Media of the Week

Creepy animated YouTube videos aimed at younger viewers are nothing new, but now they’re being aimed at teenagers as well. Highly questionable content aside, we should consider the blatant manipulation of their target audience using animation as the delivery tool.

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