For both cases, the paper takes an in-depth look at the grooming process including various workflows, best practices, styling, and mapping techniques, and much more.
Epic Games has just released a free new white paper titled “Grooming for Real-Time Realism: Hair and Fur with Unreal Engine,” that lays out the process of working with real-time hair and fur in Unreal Engine. Artists can now render hair and fur in real-time, allowing them to see results in action without a long wait for rendering – significantly improving the efficiency of what has traditionally been a tedious process.

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The white paper considers the parameters that maximize efficiency – going beyond the documentation to explore artistic and technical concerns. It details how the challenge of creating realistic-looking hair and fur can now be achieved in real-time. 
Source: Epic Games
Fur and feathers from Weta Digital’s Meerkat real-time hair and fur short:
The white paper explores two use cases:
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Human hair as seen in the MetaHuman Creator: High-Fidelity Digital Humans Made Easy announcement video:

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