Voice: Bruce Lee
“The main goal was to make an abstract video based on how the years go by and we get older. For this reason, I start with one sphere and end with one sphere.
Director/animator: Dimitrios Sakkas
Music/sound design: Dimitrios Sakkas
3D artist and motion designer Dimitrios Sakkas in Athens, Greece: “Life’s Flowing Path is a film about how life is moving through time, from when we are born through the end.

“The editing was a big challenge. I had 400 GB of renders and many sequences with motion. After many versions, I finalized the speed and flow of the video. Then I made the music and the SFX, spending a day researching quotes about the flow of life and philosophy. Thankfully, I fell onto Bruce Lee’s interview.
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“The project started four months ago with a storyboard and a mood board. Most of my time was spent on research and development for the motion of particles, water, and cloth. When I was happy with the movement, I continued with the style frames and the final look and feel of the video.
“The graphics before the title enslave the atoms and the energy before the beginning of life. After the title, is the beginning of life with the flow of water, it continues in adolescence with some more dynamic patterns and movements, in adulthood with more problematic and strange patterns and ends in old age with the cloth and its slow movement.
“Most particle simulations were made with X-Particles and Cinema 4D. Cloth Simulations are made with Blender and rendered with Cycles and Cycles 4D.”

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