Directors/CDs Alex Topaller and Daniel Shapiro at Aggressive in New York: “Getting gritty and up-close, we created a collection of crime-inspired visuals for Oxygen Networks’ branding.
Production/VFX: Aggressive
Director/CD: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Exec. Producer: Alex Aab
Producer: Lukasz Tomasz Koltunowicz
DP: Jakub Burakiewicz
SFX Supervisor: Jakub Laskus
Production Designer: Madlen Kostyra
Production Manager: Jan Białobłocki
1st AD: Michael Guga
Bolt Operator: Michał Raczyński
Phanton Technician: Łukasz Mergner
SFX Engineers: Maciej Kapłucha, Konstanty Biely, Michał Bryk
Production Bites: Kasia Lachowicz, Mateusz Granat
Editors: Jason Yantz, Adam Thomson
Compositor: Javi Devitt
Post Producers: Dustin Pownall, Won Cha
Storyboard Artist: Mercer Boffey
Colorist: Dominik Deras
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“Carefully engineered and captured all in-camera, we shot a slew of macro, extreme slow-motion vignettes that are all about crime, passion, and violence.”
Client: Oxygen Network

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