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For those interested in a Premium Add-on Item, this month fans have the option of adding a SH Figuart Tiger & Bunny Origami Cyclone Figure! Order this adventurous assortment of anime items by June 27 at 9:00 pm PST. Loot Anime crates start at .99 plus shipping and handling. Supplies are limited, so get yours before it sells out!
Who’s up for an adventure through some of today’s most exciting anime? Embark on a “Journey” this June with Loot Anime crate, which includes exclusive collectibles and wearables from Somali and the Forest Spirit, Kino’s Journey, A Place Further than the Universe, and more! Whether you’re bonding with your newfound golem friend, traveling to Antarctica, or going from town to town with your talking motorcycle, you’ll always be up for the challenges thrown at you.
Begin your Journey now with Anime Loot crate.

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