Sound design: Facundo Capece
VO English: Erin Setch
VO Portuguese: Cecilia Hermann
The most reliable way to perk up just about any explainer video is to populate it with smile-inducing characters – exactly the route Buenos Aires studio Buda chose in this film for corporate wellness app Gympass.

You can grab peaks at other recent character-driven work from the Buda crew in this COVID PSA, these online films for Nike, and this collaborative work with a couple dozen of their closest friends.

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Production: Buda
Director: Buda
CD/AD: Dalmiro Buigues
Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy
Character Design: Carmona
Other Design: Cardolina
Rigging: Julio Velzquez, Martin Dasnoy
Animators: Maximo Ponz, Julio Velazquez, Martin Dasnoy
Motion: Martin Muerza
Modeler: Julio Velazquez, Marcelo Pepice, Martin Dasnoy, Dalmiro Buigues, Agustin Páez
Texture/Lighter: Agustin Páez, Matias Sanchez, Dalmiro Buigues
Compositor: Dalmiro Buigues

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