Telescope Films in Montreal: “In this mesmerizing piece, Pierre-Nicolas Riou explores the themes of redundancy and boredom that marked the pandemic period of isolation and confinement.
Montreal director/animator/illustrator Pierre-Nicolas Riou taps into the social and mental disorientation of the last year with surreal touches and bottomless zooms in this carefully drafted video for hometown duo Bronswick.
“Yet something about this mysterious combination of light colors, endless animation, and airy melodies gives this clip a magical, naive tone, and offers the viewer the opportunity, perhaps for the first time in this era of withdrawal, to marvel at the hidden beauties of the anodyne, the repetitive, the banal of our new routines.”
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Production: Telescope Films
Director/animator: Pierre-Nicolas Riou
Videographer/visual references: Katya Konioukhova
Producteur: Samuel Caron, Élise Lardinois
Coordinator: Marjorie Gauvin, Telescope FIlms
Artist: Bronswick

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