Like the first Marbles design challenge, Marvelous Machines is set in NVIDIA Omniverse, the innovative platform for virtual collaboration, creation, and simulation, and is based on the popular Marbles RTX demo, which showcased how complex physics can be simulated in a real-time, ray-traced world.
Source: NVIDIA
Judges include NVIDIA physics and simulation experts Michelle Lu, Liila Torabi, and Masha Shugrina, blogger Gavriil Klimov, and an original Marbles RTX artist, Fred Hooper. Guest judges include industry luminaries Wendy Pham from DreamWorks, Dennis Gustafsson from Tuxedo Labs, and Sergiy Migdalskiy from Valve Corporation.
Contestants must install Omniverse Create, download the available assets, compose a twisting, turning, outrageous race-track-style contraption, set the scene and lighting, and render their final video in either path-traced or ray-traced mode. Then, they must submit a video to show how the marbles move through the scene.
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The submission deadline s is July 30, 2021. The challenge winners will be announced on the contest page in August. Additional information is available here.
A new NVIDIA Omniverse design challenge is here! Creators, artists, designers, and engineers are invited to showcase their artistic style and creative skills for a chance to win prizes in the latest, #CreateWithMarbles: Marvelous Machines, which is now live. In this challenge, participants must design an epic contraption, then roll a marble from start to finish.
#CreateWithMarbles: Marvelous Machines is an opportunity for creatives around the world to continue exploring and experimenting with the Omniverse platform and Omniverse Create’s simple-to-enable physics capabilities.
Entries will be judged on various criteria, including the use of Omniverse Create, newly built Marbles assets from the original Marbles RTX artist team, physics, quality of the final video, and overall originality.

Watch the contest teaser video:
The top three entries will receive an NVIDIA RTX A6000, GeForce RTX 3090 and GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, respectively.

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