Client: France 3

“Hammer Throw”
“The animation of the Marmotte mascots presents a brilliant balance between the photoreal animals and their humanistic qualities and behaviors. The end result is an eye-catching visual comedy, especially as we find our characters panting and pacing (and waddling) in physical competition mode!”
Agency: Dream On
Creative/Direction: Fabrice Gueneau, Ivan Grangeon
Production: Ulyssia Marchais, Fabrice Gueneau

New visual effects studio LIGHT (based in Bordeaux, with a presence in NY) burst onto the Stash radar this week with these fun and furry Olympic-themed IDs for French free-to-air public television channel France 3.
Finishing: Nightshift
Flame Artist: Yves Delforge
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Olivia McLean, production manager at LIGHT: “We partnered once again with Paris-based agency Dream On to produce the latest round of France 3 TV idents starring the infamous Marmottes.
“Pole Vault” (above)

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“The agency wanted to create absurd and edgy situations, and therefore we focused on having a maximum of realism to avoid a cartoonish result.
Animation: LIGHT
Creative Director: Antoine Moulineau
VFX Supervisor: Harry Bardak
Executive Producer: Guillaume Raffi
Creature Supervisor: Duc Nguyen
Compositing Supervisor – Oliver Johnstone
Consulting CG Supervisor: Raphael Bot-Gartner
Rigging Supervisor: Cyril Gibaud
Asset supervisor: Tom Bryant
Animation Supervisor: Florian Landouzy, Brendan Body
Lead Lighting TD: Marie Fichet
Lighting TD: Éloise Bouvarel, Florian Longuet
Creature FX TD: Yann Landry
Pipeline/Crowd TD: Jacques Fautrad
Groom Artist: Chloé Roberts
Assets: Steve Bell, Daniel Conner, Alex Pavlovic, Loz McLaughlin, Thomas Goldsworthy, Craig Reid
Rigging: Eléonore Epiney, Guillaume Vezzoli, Mickaël Garcia
Animator: Thibaut Gouilloux, Leo Recoche, Sydney Padua
Compositor: Chloé Chaucheprat, Tomasz Liksza, Mathilde Vejrich, Thomas Ruiz
Production: Scott Taylor, Lucy Teire

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