Client: Microsoft
“This story follows Emily and her real-life experience with cancer and this new treatment.
Production: Trifilm
CD: Mia Vyzis
Director: Reece Parker
Producer: Corey Lovett
Art director/illustrator: Reece Parker
Cel animator: Reece Parker, Fabien Rousseau, Daniel Munoz, Manuel Neto, Javier Ibanez
2D animator/compositor: Manuel Neto, Reece Parker, Fabien Rousseau
Editor: Jeff Kesler
Microsoft Alt
Animation director/illustrator Reece Parker in Seattle: “I was approached again by Trifilm to direct an animated portion of their new film in the Microsoft Alt series – this time examining an experimental cancer treatment made possible through AI technology.
Microsoft Alt
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Original music: Sono Sanctus
Sound Design/mix: The Chicken
“This is a director’s cut that was lifted from a longer live-action film that has been shelved. As always, an honor and pleasure teaming up with Trifilm and Microsoft on such meaningful and creative projects.”
Microsoft Alt
Microsoft Alt

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