Dennis endorsed the initiative, writing in his newsletter: “Remember, trend events DO actually help, even if they don’t feel like it. They introduce new people to the show, and also prove to execs (at various companies, not just CN [Cartoon Network]) that it’s a worthwhile show with a big and passionate fanbase.”
Yesterday, on the second anniversary of the show’s debut, fans organized a trending party on Twitter, sharing comments and fan art with the hashtag #InfinityTrainHBOMax.
Infinity Train debuted on Cartoon Network in 2019 before moving to HBO Max, where its fourth season was released in April 2021. At the time, Dennis wrote on Reddit that a fifth season had been written but rejected by Cartoon Network: “They passed on it though because they thought it didn’t have a child entry point. The show is over and no one is working on making anymore of it.”
From September 25 to October 3, the gallery will exhibit original art inspired by Infinity Train and produced by its artists, including creator Owen Dennis. The artwork will be on sale, as will new exclusive merchandise based on the show. What isn’t sold at the venue will go online.
The exhibition will launch with an onsite Q&A with Dennis on September 25. While tickets to attend the talk in person have already sold out, the event will be streamed over Zoom for free. More information here.
Fans mourning the apparent end of Infinity Train now have something to look forward to. The much-loved Cartoon Network show will be the subject of an exhibition at L.A.’s Gallery Nucleus.

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