Past students of courses available on Animawarriors Stream only have good things to say about it:
“Serious foundations for playing seriously” is the motto of Animawarriors’ new Full Training Program. The mindset behind it is that there is only one way to be fully creative: by gathering and cultivating the strongest foundations for your skills in order to create. That’s why the 3d Animation Full Training Program is designed for anyone who wants to learn from zero, but also for those interested in bullet-proofing their current abilities.
Dionysis Douliakas: “Lots of knowledge, and an amazing teacher! I feel lucky to have taken a course with Stephen! The course was about working on a dynamic scene, combining cinematic language and strong posing. Before this course, camera animation was an intimidating concept, but now I feel more confident working with cameras to best communicate an animation. Stephen is very knowledgeable and took the time to review each student’s work in progress.”
In July, Animawarriors launched its much-anticipated Animawarriors Stream and Full Training Program. It has always been part of the school’s vision to make all its courses accessible to everyone. With these two new services, Animawarriors is one step closer to doing so.
Animawarriors Stream is a subscription-based service that gives access to over 400 hours of online training. Subscribers can access all current online courses and recordings from previous live workshops, with more content added each season.

The full price of the program is ,000. Students pay term fees of ,500 per term, starting with an enrollment fee of 0 (which is deducted from the cost of the first term). They can also pay everything upfront, in which case the price is ,800. Flexible payment options can be agreed individually.


In Year 1, the focus will be on giving students the complete fundamentals of animation. Year 2 focuses on dynamism in animation and breakdown work. Year 3 concludes the course with a focus on energy, flow, and performance.


As part of the Full Training Program, Animawarriors will be introducing three new custom rigs for students to create with. Meet one of the first in this lineup, Frog:

Animawarriors Full Training Program is capped at a maximum of 14 students and starts on October 11, 2021. It requires a 25-hour-a-week commitment (covering classes and assignments). The model is one of “everybody plays.”

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All teachers are professional animators with more than five years’ experience in high-quality animation production, with most of them currently working on a major production in the industry.
In all its courses, Animawarriors takes a holistic approach to teaching animation. The online educational platform places an emphasis on community, creativity, living a balanced life, and embracing the individuality of the creative flow.
Animawarriors Stream is available to anyone and comes with special educational pricing for both schools and individual students enrolled in longer programs. It’s a great supplemental resource for anyone currently in an animation program, or for passionate animators interested in additional education. Everyone who subscribes to Animawarriors Stream also receives an invitation to join the Animawarriors Discord community.
Keala: “The hybrid workflow is a very good course. I needed more insight into a proper workflow, setting up a shot, and to work on my speed, and this course was able to help me with that. Kevin was a very good teacher: he knows exactly what he’s talking about and was able to answer all of our questions thoroughly and correctly. Kevin taught me a lot of new tricks. Thank you Animawarriors for providing this course.”
Alex Blin: “I was [interested in] how to do cartoon animation like Hotel Transylvania or Looney Tunes, and this workshop gave us a lot of keys to succeeding in it. Exercises are not too hard to follow and they are fun to do. Toy is definitely a great character to apply those principles for this kind of animation. [Anyone] can follow the masterclass step by step.”

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