“Editing this much VFX is also tricky because you’re constantly putting unfinished, terrible-looking stuff in the timeline. A big thanks go to the band and label for being cool and supportive throughout that process – it makes all the difference.”
Los Angeles director/designer and artist Fons Schiedon boils up a heady mix of disorientation and quasi-psychedelics in this new work – laced with CG and low-fi VFX – for Brooklyn band Geese.
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“So that idea became the starting point for a treatment – celebrating how something can be of multiple places and time periods at once and holding contrasting elements without the need to explicitly define or explain it.
“So you can’t really pull that from a library. Only a small portion of the video has footage as a basis – most of it is CG – and literally, every shot is a VFX shot.
Fons Schiedon: “My friends Jamie-James Medina and Matt de Jong (collectively known as UNDERCARD) developed Geese’s visual identity, album art, etc. We often work together, and they thought the music video was a good match for my instincts.
Label: Partisan Records, Play It Again Sam
Artist: Geese
“I pitched the video as a mix of many types of footage – the idea being that you can’t really tell where anything is sourced from. I also wanted the material to be quite specific: a forest arranged in a certain pattern or an abandoned Brooklyn street that looks a bit like a miniature set.
Production: International Animal
Director: Fons Schiedon
Animator/VFX: Fons Schiedon
1st AD: Gabriel Shalom
Gaffer: Arseniy Grobovnikov
Special thanks: Jamie-James Medina

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