Agency: The Monkeys
CEO: Paul McMillan
CCO: Ant Keogh
CD: Hugh Gurney, Joe Sibley
Head of Production: Romanca Mundrea
Senior Producer: Jo Alach
Senior Craft Designer: Raph Tamkalis
Senior Designer: Chris Thompson
[embedded content]
Client: Grill’d
Animation: WIZZ
Director: Gary Levesque
Producer: Claire Madigan
From Grill’d: “We’ve always fought the good fight with the Goliaths of the burger world, to become the solution to fast food with a healthy burger alternative. But the need for a Righteous Burger hero became too important for us to ignore.
“His fight is our fight. We enter the arena with an agenda, we’re all about sustainable, natural, and healthy practices.”
Grill’d VS Plastic Toys (above)
Grill’d VS Chemicals
Production: Unlisted
Executive Producer: Katie Mackin
Producer: Su Mei Chia
[embedded content]
Grill’d VS Evil
Inspired by the titles of animated kids shows like Captain Planet and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the spots were produced through Melbourne agency The Monkeys.
Music: Electric Dreams
Executive Producer: Leyla Varela
Songwriter: Hugh Sibley
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Three new 80s-cartoon-flavored spots from WIZZ director Gary Levesque and Unlisted help build the case against unsustainable, unhealthy, and unnatural practices of fast-food giants for Australian burger chain Grill’d.

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