Image at top: “The Lost Chord,” from “Song Machine”
Damon Albarn said so on an Apple Music podcast: “I’m at Netflix because we’re making a full-length Gorillaz film with Netflix … It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.”
Mooted many times over the years, the plan to make a Gorillaz film is now on — and it’s happening at Netflix.

“I’m in LA because we’re making a full-length @gorillaz film with Netflix. We’re having a writing session in Malibu this afternoon…” 👀
— Damon Albarn Unofficial (@DamonUnofficial) November 10, 2021
Albarn teased the project back in October 2020. “We signed contracts, we’ve begun scripts and stuff,” he told’s New Arrivals show at the time. “Making an animated film that’s kind of abstract is quite a big risk for a movie studio because they’re very expensive.”
A pioneering virtual band, it is made up of fictional animated musicians who have appeared in live onstage projections, commercials, and many music videos, the most recent of which have been released as “episodes” in the web series Song Machine. Hewlett’s characters, who have appeared in both 2d and cg animation, have had a huge influence on character design in animated films and shows, video games, and comics.
Albarn gave no more details of the film project, which Netflix has not officially announced.
He continued, “I see a lot of people doing animated videos these days but I don’t think they really touch the quality of ours. We’re more in the world of Studio Ghibli.”

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