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Since 2008, VoiceQ technology has been used by more than 160 clients worldwide to dub more than 200 titles for leading streaming networks, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Squid Game, Lupin, Money Heist and Killing Eve are among the international series that have been dubbed into English utilizing VoiceQ software. It has been used in iconic animated films such as Moana, Frozen and The LEGO Movie. In 2021, it was used to dub more than 500 hours of TV and film content into dozens of languages.
“Thanks to the prominence of streaming services and a pandemic-driven urgency to create high-quality localization quickly and with enormous artistry, VoiceQ is proud to have helped bring game-changing series to audiences worldwide,” shared Steven Renata, managing director of Kiwa Digital, the company behind VoiceQ. “Our native and cloud-based technology makes it easier than ever for actors, adapters and post-production teams to work together simultaneously, reflecting the industry’s new ways of working.”
To further support and develop the localization and voiceover industry, the one-year-free offer for VoiceQ Actor is open to any voice performer seeking to gain new skills and qualifications. Performers can sign up for the free VoiceQ Actor license and complete the training course utilizing demo projects by visiting The website is also home to complete details about the new release and the entire VoiceQ tech stack.
New Zealand-based VoiceQ unveiled a new series of technology solutions for its dubbing software system, VoiceQ 6.0 Package for Dialogue Replacement. It now includes streaming capabilities as well as VoiceQ Actor, a new application it will offer free on MacOS for one year to voice performers, available immediately.
Based on the principles of the century-old French “Rhythmo-band” process, VoiceQ adds cloud-based solutions to synchronize translated and adapted scripts into a host of languages – particularly English, which has brought hundreds of international series to English-speaking audiences.
Debbie Diamond Sarto is assistant news editor at Animation World Network.
VoiceQ 6.0 enhances the existing, cloud-based VoiceQ technology stack by adding streaming capabilities; synchronization between VoiceQ native and cloud applications; and three new script formats. The newest release also introduces a custom user interface and recording to VoiceQ Actor, which makes it easier for voiceover artists to audition for and rehearse their performances from any location, accessing VoiceQ-enhanced clips and scripts through secure cloud-based delivery.

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Professional voiceover performers can now sign up for a free one-year license for VoiceQ Actor. Voiceover talent authorized by any of the nearly 300 dubbing studios worldwide that utilize VoiceQ can be granted access to VoiceQ projects, complete with clips and synchronized scripts, through its secure, AWS-based server. With authorized access, which is supported by a free online training course, voice artists can grow comfortable using the VoiceQ system and rehearse their performances.

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