Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Drawing inspiration from the work of Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, the animation team at Golden Wolf and British singer-songwriter Craig David deliver an environmental message for European rail booking platform Trainline.
Agency: Mother
Vocalist: Craig David
Goldenwolf Craig David Trainline | STASH MAGAZINE
Brand: Trainline
Production: Stink Films
EP: Jeremy Smith
“‘I Came By train’, is a poignant reminder that traveling by train is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel and, it was produced using the greenest method of production, animation.”
Goldenwolf Craig David Trainline | STASH MAGAZINE
Goldenwolf Craig David Trainline | STASH MAGAZINE
Animation: Golden Wolf
Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Managing Director: Dotti Sinnott
Executive Producer: Tan Jones
Creative Director: Ewen Stenhouse
Head of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Art Director: Dan Burgess
Animation Lead: Stephanie Mercier
Producer: Larissa Miranda, Heidi Stephenson
Production Manager: Lucy Caetano
Production Assistant: Alex Young, Luna Gosling
Storyboard: Stephanie Mercier, Lea Rey-Mauzaize, Esther Cheung, Johnny Cardoso, Markus Gansel, Rebecca Oddy, Ian Chan
Designer: Cesar St Martin, Johnny Cardoso, Helena Loundjani, Julian Roels, Maciej Sidorowicz, Simon Demaret, Surendra Rajawat, Tiago Calliari, Ravenel Rieck, Eric Cousin, David Manigault
Animator: Thomas Eide, Eliot Lockwood, Matthew Armitage, Rory Bryne, Natalia Bedrossian, Mila Obelleiro, Reed Wiles, Ian Chan, Theodor Colin, Billy Mpetha, Mrunal Khairnar
FX Animation: Tim Whiting, Kensei Thomas
3D: Tom Purrington, David Calvet, Pierre Clenet
Compositor: Ian Pinder, John Wilkinson, Michael Muller, Stefan Ahmad, Pierre Morin, Karl Fekete, Jo Baaklini, Mathieu Durand
Talent Director: Henry Purrington
Additional Animation: Club Camping, Rudo
Clean Up: Pudoctupus
Ingi Erlingsson, founder/CEO at Golden Wolf: “Overarching is the message that our planet is in trouble. Rather than create a fight-or-flight response from the audience, we instead wanted to motivate people through pleasure and an emotional connection.
Goldenwolf Craig David Trainline | STASH MAGAZINE

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