Production: Lightfarm
Direction: Gabriel Freire, Ramon Lima
Look & Dev Supervisor: Arthur Baden
Post-production Supervisor: Marceu Lobo
Art Direction: Giselle Almeida
Project Production: Beatrice Nunes
Coordination: Jhonatan Luiz
Story: Rich Levy, Bernardo Romero, Amy Fortunato, Andrea Bistany
Production: Laura Denham, Jen Martin, Tamika Knight
Executive Production: Rafael Vallaperde, Flavia Lizun Ferreira
Script: Gabriel Freire, Molusco
Storyboard Artist: Ricardo Sasaki
Film Editor/Color grading: Daniel Silva
Character modeling: Maycon Lopes
Props modeling: Victor Sant’Anna
Rigging: Pedro Bruno, Wesley Nereu, Joan de la Rosa
Layout Supervisor: Guilherme Garcia
Animation Layout: Diego Hay, Erin Silva, Wesley Nereu, William Santos, Joan de la Rosa, Santi Woo
Look Dev Artists: Marcelo Cabral, Victor Sant’Anna, Lucas Pereira, Fernando Matias
Animation Supervisor: Vivi Rodrigues
Animation Artists: Alan Patrick Jr., Alessandra Louzane, Bruce Souza, Bruna Camporezi Lopes, Bruno Fabian, Camila Xavier Fazolin, Erin Silva, Gabriel Prestes, Guilherme Gazzoni, Gus Rodrigues, Gustavo Leite, Gustavo Figueiredo, Jhonatan Luiz, Jonatas Amorim, Rogerio Britto, Wesley Nereu, Wil Robson, Yumi Watari, Beatriz Buci, Wil Rhobson
2D Animation Supervisor: Marco Tullio Rodrigues
2D Animation: Bruno Aratijo, Krystal Teodoro, Hayanne Santos
Concept artists: Caio Peral, Mayara Sampaio, Murilo Cavalcanti
Post-production: Brando Ventura, Thiago Marques, Diogo Vieira, Daniel Silva, Jhonatan Luiz, Marco ‘Milo Rodrigues Motion designer: Pri Assungdo
Ramon Lima, project director at Lightfarm in Rio de Janeiro: “’The Bridge’ project came in as a challenge; it had to be an award-winning short film with a compelling story based on a true tale of a life-saving bond while highlighting the importance of both mental and animal health.
“From the development of the script (which was written collectively) to the craft of the visuals, everything was done with the most caring eyes from the team to provide the viewer with an immersive and emotional experience.”
Bernardo Romero, maker at Klick Health in Toronto: “The film was inspired by a heartwarming story I was told when riding the subway train during a difficult time in my life, shortly after losing my own dog. I knew from the beginning it would be a big challenge to create a fresh new aesthetic that could mimic the uneasy and depressing inner world and feelings of the characters in a film where color also plays a huge role in the narrative.
Toolkit: Toon Boom, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Blender, Maya
“After six months of hard work, I could not be prouder of the result, and more certain Lightfarm was the right partner to bring such an important story to the world.”
Client: PAWS NY

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