Daniel Castro, director, Dress Code says: “I’m looking forward to tackling technical and creative challenges with the prowess of the Dress Code team backing me up. My multi-medium approach has allowed me to tackle briefs from all sorts of angles – but sometimes I had to shy away from the wildest solution because of production limitations. Now the gloves are off. With Dress Code I can go full tilt.”
Soon after graduating from his studies in product design, Daniel discovered he had a talent for graphics, and started working as a visual designer, freelancing in New York before moving to San Francisco to work for clients including Pottery Barn, Design Continuum Italia, Sephora, and Brooks Stevens Design. Whilst in San Francisco, Daniel pursued a lifelong desire towards photography, and found success working as an ad photographer and growing as a visual artist.
Creative studio Dress Code today announces the signing of Emmy award-winning director, Daniel Castro to its commercial roster. The Brooklyn-based talent brings with him a multimedia approach to storytelling, incorporating 2D design, stop motion and VFX into his live-action work.
Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Some of Daniel’s career highlights include working with French football star Paul Pogba for the Pepsi x KFC Champion’s Challenge. The mammoth project involved designing and bringing to life a 40 foot Rube Goldberg machine (a chain-reaction type machine, intentionally designed to carry out a simple task in an overcomplicated or impractical way), and managing a creative team that spanned across five countries. Furthermore, Daniel worked very closely with Oatly, directing several spots for the brand during the brand’s rapid growth.
From the release:
It was in 2021 when Daniel won an Emmy award for the short film ‘Quarantined’; made in collaboration with Leverage Dance Theatre and Aligned Media. Filmed as Covid-19 restrictions were drawing to a close, ‘Quarantined’ explores the idea that even within restriction there exists enormous potential.
Daniel’s evolution as a director, gradually embracing new artistic mediums including design, photography, stop-motion, and VFX and integrating these into live action work echoes the development of Dress Code itself. Looking to the future as part of the studio, Daniel will utilise his ambitious multi-media approach alongside Dress Code’s enhanced production capabilities to create design-focused, compelling advertising.
Returning to New York in 2013, Daniel began to experiment with stop-motion animation, relishing in the freedom and opportunities that lie in crafting full narrative films instead of singular still moments. In 2014, he founded Sky Pie Studio, which became one of the go-to stop motion shops in the city. Daniel evolved his work into more live action work involving 2D and 3D animation as time went on.

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