The second Academy member that THR spoke with, a male member of the 867-person short films and feature animation branch, offered a far more troubling answer. This individual said that they voted for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio even though they hadn’t bothered to watch some of the other films in the category:
To this producer’s credit, however, he abstained from voting in the category, which is actually an improvement over the more common Academy members who asks their children to suggest the winner of the animated feature category.
If you choose to care about who wins the Academy Awards you should bear in mind that some of the voters apparently don’t know what the categories actually mean
If disappointed animation lovers can take solace in anything, it’s that this same voter isn’t just ignorant about animation; they also don’t understand the other categories in which they’re casting votes:

I didn’t see The Sea Beast or Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. I liked Turning Red. If Guillermo del Toro hadn’t made Pinocchio this year, Puss in Boots would’ve deserved to win — it’s so good — but he did. I love Guillermo, and I loved the animation and the way he told the story.

That sad truth has become easier to confirm in recent years thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, which polls random Academy members about which films they voted for in each category. This year, they’ve only spoken with two Academy members thus far, and their answers about the feature animation category are as inane as we’ve come to expect.
As we’ve pointed out many times over the years, the members of the Academy (i.e. Hollywood) have barely-disguised contempt for our little corner of the film world.

I watched at least part of all of them — a couple of them in their entirety — and I didn’t really give a shit about any of them. My favorite animated film of the year, Luck, didn’t even get nominated.

It’s Oscar day, the one day of year where Hollywood has to collectively grit its teeth and spend a few moments acting like they respect and appreciate animation.
The first person THR spoke with is identified as a male member of the Academy’s 648-person producers branch. This person bluntly said that of the five animated feature nominees, he “didn’t really give a shit about any of them.” Here’s his whole comment:

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