Incredible Film has shared its animated series slate for MIPTV 2023, including Tummy Tom (4×60’), an animated film series, and Pim & Pom (26×5’), a 2D preschool series.
Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film, said, “With this year’s MIPTV’s focus on kids’ content, it made complete sense for us to preview our brilliant and growing slate of live-action and animated kids’ content. Our animated lineup is complete with bestselling Tummy Tom adaptation and the adorable art tour guides Pim & Pom. We look forward to meeting buyers at MIPTV during its Future of Kid’s TV focus.”
A 2D animated preschool series, Pim & Pom, based on the well-known artwork by Phanta Animation, follows two little cats who go on adventures in the fascinating world of art. Through the power of their imagination, they explore paintings by famous artists like Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt, Seurat, and Renoir.
Tummy Tom, based on the children’s books produced by Phanta Animation and BosBros, first appeared on Sesame Street in 1978. The series follows Tummy Tom, a funny, inquisitive, adventurous, and slightly mischievous ginger tomcat. Together with his animal friends, he explores the world just like a preschooler would.

Pim & Pom animation features the lively graphic style of the Dutch illustrator Fiep Westendorp. The show introduces visual arts for young children. English and LAT Spanish dubs are available.
Source: Incredible Film
Dutch publisher Gottmer started publishing Jet Boeke’s stories in 1983. The first in the film series is Tummy Tom’s Teddybear, currently in production. 
Watch the Pim & Pom trailer: Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.

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