L.A.-based filmmaker and industry artist Victoria Vincent, popularly known online as Vewn, recently posted her latest short Nothing to Hide.
Vincent’s take on common current themes feels entirely original thanks to the film’s deft execution. The frustrating circumstances encountered by the short’s characters are entirely relatable to anyone who has felt overwhelmed by a rapidly changing world.

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Nothing to Hide takes no prisoners. It spoofs law enforcement, protestors, the judicial system, nepotism, toxic masculinity, and people who believe that information acquired on the internet equals knowledge, so just about everyone.

As fun as any of the short’s jokes is the way it plays with proportion and perspective. The drawings look simple enough, but the way that Vincent poses the short’s shrinking violet protagonist in each scene, reducing her to the size of a toddler in the face of authority figures, creates a visual gag that has narrative depth to it as well.
Like much of Vincent’s work, Nothing to Hide unspools at a frantic pace and takes place in a world that looks similar to ours, but off by a few degrees. There are plenty of surreal moments that encourage repeat viewing as fun visual details and gags come and go quickly.

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