Source: Ánima

Cranston Academy: Monster Zone tells the story of Danny, a 15-year-old genius bullied for his intelligence, and Liz, the daughter of a famous scientist whose legacy she strives to overcome. While Danny struggles to fit in at school, Liz is determined to be recognized as a genius on her own merits. When Danny is unexpectedly offered a scholarship to Cranston Academy – a secret, prestigious boarding school where Liz is the number one student – the two become instants rivals. In his quest to prove his intelligence, Danny inadvertently opens a portal to another dimension and unleashes a slew of monsters. Liz and Danny must set aside their rivalries and with the help of their half-moth, half-man professor, Mothman, overcome the creatures of the 5th dimension to save the school.
“The timing of this announcement could not be better as Cranston Academy: Monster Zone was just recently nominated for a Quirino Awards as one of the Best Ibero-American Animation Feature Films,” commented Ánima COO José C. Garcia de Letona. “I am confident this animated adventure will be loved in Australia and New Zealand, as it has around the world,” commented Garcia de Letona.

Latin America-based Ánima animation studio’s CG animated feature film Cranston Academy: Monster Zone is set for release April 7 in Australia and New Zealand. The family adventure film was also licensed to sales and production company Double Dutch International (DDI), for theatrical release in Mexico, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Italy, CIS & Baltics, Vietnam, Middle East, UK, and South Africa. The film features the voice talent of Jamie Bell (Fantastic Four, Snowpiercer) and Ruby Rose (Batwoman, Orange is The New Black).

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