“Based on high-concept visuals, director Quentin Deronzier developed a previz with meticulously detailed rollouts. The extensive VFX work was then split between La Pac and Mikros MPC, leveraging the global network of MPC’s studios.
“The film required a mix of live-action shooting in studio and on location, as well as the craft of large scale VFX, which all needed to be completed in a challenging short timeframe while working remotely due to travel constraints.
Post-Production: La Pac
VFX Supervisor: Anthony Lestremau
Lead CG Artist: Julien Missaire
CG Artist: Petr Shkolniy
Flame Artist: Alexi Bailla, Micha Sher, Antoine Hache
Production: La Pac
Director: Quentin Deronzier
DP: Erik Henriksson
Executive Producer: Anna Roudaut
Producer: Sarah Lee
Line Producer: Aymeric Mosser, Patrick Donovan
Post Producer: Francoise Hernandez
1st AD: Jesse Hays
Production Designer: Gille Mills
Editor: Hugo Beron
Colorist: Arthur Paux
PM: Val Pensa, Quinci Bryant
Doja Cat, The Weeknd
Post Production @MPC Bangalore
Line Producer: Chanakya Chander
CG Supervisor: Raju Ganesh
2D Supervisor: David Rouxel
Doja Cat, The Weeknd
Doja Cat, The Weeknd
“To ease the supervision and the production of the film, Mikros MPC also hosted Quentin Deronzier and his team within its premises and provided access to their technology infrastructure as they had to handle the live shooting in Los Angeles remotely.”
Doja Cat, The Weeknd
VFX: Mikros MPC
Executive Producer: Fabrice Damolini
VFX Producer: Nicolas Huguet
VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Ho, Tsong Fang
CG FX: Benjamin Lenfant
Flame Artist: Stéphane Pivron
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Doja Cat, The Weeknd
Mikros MPC: “Aligned with the cosmic aesthetic of the entire album, ‘You Right’ features Doja Cat in an imaginary universe set in a kingdom in the clouds.
Label: RCA Records
Artist: Doja Cat

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