Semi Permanent Titles 2022 Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: Semi Permanent
Founder: Murray Bell
Creative Director: Mitchell Oakley Smith
“We aimed for a vivid yet slow, almost frozen moment, approach to amplify the gravitas of the emotional weight this has all been on us.”
Semi Permanent Titles 2022 Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE
“So, instead of the traditional title sequence, we wanted to leverage our passion for colorful illustration at Laundry and tell a universal story of the tremendous pain, struggle, helplessness, and isolation mentally and physically we’ve all endured over the past few years worldwide.
“But also a story where, digitally, metaphorically, creatively, fantasticality and now quite physically, we’ve all come together again. With joy, warmth, and love.
Production: Laundry
Managing Director: James Sweigert
ECD: PJ Richardson
CD: Brian Covalt
EP: Monica Reimold
Producer: Lucas Bertoli
Lead Designer: Yuying Herr
Designer: Whitney Lam, Gabe Crown, Sarah Oh
2D Animator: Trae Sjogren, Ramzi Hogan
Cel Animator: Yuying Herr, Jessica Milazzo, Shervin Etaat
Editor: Justin Freedman
Semi Permanent Titles 2022 Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE
Music: Combustion Studio
Composers: Marcelo Baldin, Lucas Baldin & João Flávio Hanysz
Vocals: Lisa Osborne
Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2022
“To do that, we used a combination of 2D illustration and animation of three friends that are apart. Lonely. Isolated. Then with a turn of tides emotionally and digitally, at first cautiously, they leave their loneliness and come together to find joy.
Semi Permanent Titles 2022 Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE
The Semi Permanent design conference commemorates 20 years and returned to an IRL format in 2022 with these dreamy, illustrative titles by ECD PJ Richardson and the animation crew at Laundry in LA.
PJ Richardson: “This Semi Permanent event was the first time many of us could come together in person to celebrate creativity, community, and each other. And, 20 years of Semi Permanent inspiring creatives worldwide is a legendary feat.

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