Working to the theme “The world ahead”, five teams of students at Gobelins School L’image in Paris craft teasers for the 2021 edition of the venerable Annecy Animation Festival in a wide range of styles and moods.
“When a park reopens, life resumes around an abandoned bench: workers sweep up dead leaves, lovers engrave their initials, employees in suits and ties eat their triangle sandwich…”
[embedded content]
“In the funfair of year 3000, we have fun like today! Joy, profusion, hysteria… All fun and games!
Collection Capsule
[embedded content] “In a distant future, a large part of the planet has been swallowed up by the rising waters. On the remains of the past, humanity has built a new city, which combines technology, humanity, and nature.”
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Canabula [embedded content]
Production: Gobelins
Director: Julie Fournier, Hugo Lemonnier, Brian Lim, Candice Loret, Lilou Martin, Lucille Rizzo
“In a futuristic world, where everything we know has been reshaped and transformed, the birth of a baby shakes the planet. The event, which has become very rare, is broadcast around the world and celebrated with great fanfare!” Production: Gobelins
Director: Théo Carme, Olivia Gombault, Louise Petit, Alessandra Rosmarino, Anaëlle Saba
Le Parc (above)
Production: Gobelins
Director: Matis Chéné, Yuha Cho, Lou Dhelens, Angèle Legras, Delaly Guy Corneille Tchocodo, Niels Turelier
Pon Pon Party “In the future, follow the preparations for a fashion show: new materials, new technologies, new possibilities.”
Production: Gobelins
Director: Adrien Dang, Clémence Collignon, Mathieu Giazzi, Céline Korno, Julien Motteau

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