Cartoons of this era were animated on 6s or 8s… (so less fps) where movements are more flat and snappy, giving the sense that the characters could never live in a real-world setting.
Guido Lambertini, creative director/partner at Niceshit in Barcelona: “Men’s health is a delicate topic to tackle so the main challenge in creating these films was to talk about this and get men to fix problems in a lighthearted, humorous way.
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Agency: Royals

Erectile dysfunction / Tulip
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“Inspired by the cartoons from the ’50s & ’60s and through smart and conceptual humor we developed this TV campaign: carefully crafted with expressive inky brushes full of imperfections and human feel.

Hair Loss / Roof

Rep: Honey Mill
EP: Paul Bennell
“And to honor this style we worked on hand-drawn, frame by frame animation, adding tons of personality to the character’s behavior and overall charm of the campaign.”
Hair Loss / Hats (above)
Erectile dysfunction / Tent
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Production: Niceshit
Director: Niceshit
Creative Directors: Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann
Producer: Agusta Timotea
Art Direction/Illustrator: Mark Long
Storyboard: Guido Lambertini, Rodier Kidmann, Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Mark Long
Cel Animation: David Mailboo Juan Nadalino, Ezequiel Cruz
Edit/Compositing: Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo
Clean Up: Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Ezequiel Cruz, Rodier Kidmann & Carmen Angelillo.
“Men are usually eager to fix things – the squeaky door, that flat tire – it provides a sense of achievement. But when something feels hard to fix, we tend to ignore it and that only leads to feelings of inadequacy. Feelings that can be easily fixed with Mosh.
Music/Sound Design: Smith & Western

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