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The NFT collection will feature stylized Digital Fashion clothes and accessories inspired by classic cartoons and designed by MYAMI Studio, known for creating digital high fashion that can be worn and traded in virtual realities. The official NFT collection mints August 9, 2022, known as the official “Betty Boop Day” and the anniversary of Betty’s 1930 big screen debut.
Debbie Diamond Sarto is assistant news editor at Animation World Network.
“We are delighted to see Betty Boop step into the metaverse, where community belonging is the cornerstone of the next phase of the Internet,” said Mark Fleischer, president of Fleischer Studios and grandson of Betty Boop creator Max Fleischer.
Source: Fleischer Studios, Inc.
The ‘Boop & Frens’ NFTs will offer holders multi-layered utility. From access to virtual wearables to unique fan experiences in the metaverse.
The iconic animated Hollywood character Betty Boop is “booping” hip first into the metaverse with the launch of ‘Boop & Frens,’ an exclusive NFT collection. Fleischer Studios, Inc., owners of the classic character, is teaming up with brand licensing agency Global Icons, LLC, and XLABEL, the Web3 consultancy team, to drop 8888 one-of-a-kind NFTs featuring Betty Boop.
For full details or to join the ‘Boop & Frens’ community, visit Discord or ‘Boop & Frens.’
Check out the ‘Boop & Frens’ teaser:
All collaborations will align with Boop’s core values and hopes (as sighted by Fleischer Studios), including an open technological and cultural metaverse. Further, plans include the creation of an ongoing virtual venue and live stage celebrating entertainers, artists, and musicians from all corners of the metaverse to be hosted by Betty herself.
The Betty Boop NFT collection has been created with the support of a number of metaverse communities, with more creator partnerships to be announced via the community’s official Discord “Boop & Frens.”

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