Per the report, the Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn-directed film was Hollywood’s fourth-biggest financial loser of 2023. Two of the three bigger bombs were also Disney productions: The Marvels (7m loss), The Flash (5m loss), and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (3m loss).
Walt Disney Animation Studios’ next film Moana 2, scheduled for release in November, marks the first time that Disney is producing a theatrical feature between its Burbank studio and its new-ish Vancouver studio. The new international production model should help rein in the production cost.
How much money exactly did the film lose? Disney may never release an official figure, but a new report on Deadline gives a decent ballpark estimate, which is a net loss of 1 million.came up $197m short of its total expenses.

Disney’s Wish earned nearly 5 million at the global box office, a figure that would make many animation producers envious. But for Disney, the film is considered a money-losing flop.

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